Simple, Sustainable, & Scandi

Bespoke plywood kitchens and cabinets

The plywood doors, drawer fronts and panels are all made from fine-grained birch plywood which is durable and beautiful.

A Plywood Kitchen That Is Sustainable and Made to Measure

The design of modern plywood kitchen has its charm and attraction: simple, sustainable, and beautiful. We use each plywood feature and element to fit your space and personal style to ensure your kitchen matches your taste. At Naffy, all cabinets, plywood doors, and other parts of your kitchen are precisely made in our workshop. We do not use standard sizes or flat-pack methods; rather, all units are assembled here to ensure they are made and built for your exact kitchen measurements. All the materials we use on our products are created from sustainably forested trees, and we ensure our plywood material is the lowest VOC emission on the market. 

All our plywood doors are made with the highest quality sustainably sourced birch plywood.

The plywood sheets we normally use are 2440mm x 1220mm, this determines the maximum sized panel we can make.


Our concept is simple: produce high-quality and practical plywood kitchen. Sleek, minimal, functional and beautiful - these are the key principles behind all of our modern and contemporary plywood kitchen design.

Birch Clear

Oak Veneer on Birch

Black Stain Veneer on Birch

Lino + Birch Plywood

Linoleum is composed of renewable, raw materials such as linseed oil, wood flour, resin, and natural colour pigments, and it’s a unique surfacing material for furniture such as kitchen doors, tables, and display units. The linoleum surface resists the build-up of static charges and prevents dust or dirt from sticking to the surface. 

HPL Plywood

HPL birch (also called “laminated face”) is extremely hard-wearing and somewhat fire-resistant plywood. It is suitable for high-traffic, commercial applications. Birch plywood is a very dense board notable for its multiple veneer layers which improve screw retention and stability, as well as provide a decorative finish using CNC cutting, sanding, and oiling.

Stained Plywood Kitchen

Stained plywood has a lovely finish and is aesthetically appealing when stained with clear finish oil. The wood grain gives the plywood kitchen an elegance to it. And thanks to the hard-wax oil, a clear or pale finish give a beautiful sheen to birch products. 

Semi-handmade Profiles

We cut, sand, and oil all our plywood material here. With our different plywood materials, colour options, and handle profiles, you can create a bespoke semi-handmade modern plywood kitchen that best fits your budget.


We source hardware from the best market-leading brands such as Blum, Hettich, Titus, Hafele, and much, much more. 

Plywood Kitchen Systems

System 768 | System 780 | System 800

 4-Raster Concept

Have a question or need a price?

If you are looking for a quick estimate, please email us a simple sketch to indicate the kitchen layout, drawer units, number of cupboards, and other design elements. The cost of a plywood kitchen can vary depending on the type of material or hardware used. Therefore, having a simple sketch of your kitchen or piece of furniture will be very helpful for us to work out the cost or estimate. A five or ten-minute short visit to our workshop to check out the material and hardware is highly recommended. This gives you a true feeling of the plywood materials and CNC machined handle profiles.

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