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We create unique plywood kitchens and furniture using Baltic Birch plywood to modernize your space. We offer a variety of finishes—including birch, oak, and walnut—enhanced with durable Osmo Hardwax oil, vibrant Resene paint, HPL, and Linoleum for a luxurious feel. Our products combine traditional elegance with modern durability, featuring top-quality hardware from Blum, Hettich, and Hafele. From the initial design to the final piece crafted in our Henderson workshop, we are dedicated to delivering quality bespoke furniture and kitchens.

The Building Blocks of Our Plywood Kitchen and Cabinetry

Baltic Birch Plywood

We make our plywood kitchen with Baltic Birch ply, a favorite among designers due to its strong, dense layers. Consequently, this provides our cabinetry with unmatched durability and a sleek look. Moreover, the layered design enhances their attractiveness and strength, seamlessly blending style with function.

Birch plywood
birch plywood stains

Birch Ply Finishes

Our cabinet fronts offer a variety of color options to enhance your plywood kitchen design. Choose from natural stain colors that highlight the wood’s beauty, or select from a range of high-pressure laminates (HPL) and linoleum finishes for a more bespoke look. Each option plays a crucial role in defining the aesthetic and feel of your kitchen space.

Modern & Solid Plywood Kitchen

Our cabinetry options are tailored to your aesthetic and financial preferences. Select from our modern frameless onset cabinets with NZ-made melamine cabinet frames for an affordable stylish touch, or choose our classic solid birch inset cabinets, embodying mid-century modern elegance with robust birch plywood craftsmanship. Each choice promises to enhance your space with an ideal mix of sophistication, durability, and functionality, ensuring a bespoke solution that aligns with your plywood kitchen.

Handle Profiles

Our unique approach integrates a 3mm birch layer into the back of plywood kitchen doors, creating a single, uniform piece without additional patches at the back of fronts. With a selection of over six handle designs, we offer a range of aesthetics from contemporary and shaker to mid-century solid plywood kitchen, ensuring your space is equipped with doors that are as stylish as they are seamless.


Cabinet hardware plays a crucial role in the functionality and ergonomics of kitchen doors and drawer fronts, the right ones ensuring your kitchen operates smoothly and comfortably.

Need A Price?

Send us your questions, sketches or kitchen plans, and we will get back to you with a pricing idea or a detailed quote. If you’d like to see materials in person or discuss options at our workshop, feel free to contact us. Click here to view our price examples. 


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