About Us

Naffy Ltd was born out of Nap’s love for creating things using a DIY CNC machine, transforming his hobby into a business. With a background in the office furniture industry, Nap was captivated by the CAD-CAM manufacturing concept, and in 2014, he started Naffy Ltd in his garage, focusing on unique MDF kitchen doors. However, after a couple of months, the business didn’t take off as expected, leading Nap to pause the business and return to full-time work.

From Hobby to Business

In November 2019, Nap rented his first workshop in Henderson, marking a new beginning for Naffy Ltd. He encountered several challenges in the early days of running the workshop, but with determination and continuous improvement, he overcame these obstacles and gradually refined his CNC skills and techniques.

A New Beginning and Overcoming Challenges

plywood kitchen doors

Having successfully created various styles of plywood doors since opening the workshop, Nap’s passion for craftsmanship has only grown. He is committed to exploring the potential of birch plywood, a strong, durable, and sustainable material perfect for custom-made kitchen and bathroom vanities.

A Passion for Craftsmanship

plywood kitchen

Naffy Ltd aims to incorporate elements of mid-century design in a world dominated by fast-paced manufacturing and MDF substrates. By combining CNC technology, birch plywood, and solid timber, Naffy Ltd strives to create timeless, high-quality custom-made furniture that infuses the charm of the past with modern functionality. With product ideas still in development, the company is excited to explore new possibilities and continue innovating for the future.

Incorporating Mid-Century Design Elements

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