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Bathroom Vanity | Plywood

MDF or Particleboard material swells with the exposure to moisture and expands when it comes in contact with water. So, plywood has much more strength not only to the moisture resistance but also for holding screws to make the cabinet more rigid. 

When it comes to bathroom vanity design, plywood has more features that allow creative features exposed. The sleek and modern look, plus the various custom fronts give so much personal appealing. 

So, at Naffy, we offer all sorts of materials and door styles to make your modern bathroom vanity.

Russian Birch

A versatile plywood cuts and finishes well, it has an excellent strength to weight ratio. Suitable for cabinets that exposed to hight moisture.

Natural Linoleum

Linoleum is a natural surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for all high-end furniture designs.

HPL Laminate

HPL is a strong material for surface decoration. It has rich surface colour, texture and special physical properties.

2 Pac lacquer

Lacquer brings out the best in plywood, it provides a subtle, durable coating, and offers excellent wood finishes.

Oak Vneer

Oak veneer plywood has a hard-wearing surface layer, where the core is birch plywood.

Hard-wax Oil

Hard-wax oil has the best performance among the different type of natural wood oils. It forms a layer on the top of the wood surface.

25 year warranty

for all of our Plywood Vanity

All our bathroom vanities are design and made in Auckland. And, we offer you a 25-year warranty that covers defects
in the material and workmanship on the birch plywood bathroom vanities. 

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