Baltic Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood is manufactured from a durable type of wood, celebrated for its strength and the smoothness of its surface. It consists of multiple wood veneer layers, which enhance its stability and contribute to a superior surface quality. These features make it an excellent choice for construction projects and detailed tasks. We provide Birch Plywood in BB/BB and B/BB grades. It’s constructed with 1.3mm thick birch veneers, bonded together with WBP glue, resulting in a brown glue line. Also, the material is both strong and visually appealing, boasting a finely sanded surface on both sides. For those needing 15mm thick baltic birch plywood that’s compatible with laser cutting, we offer an E0 grade with malamine urea glue, which doesn’t show a glue line and is intended for interior use.

The BB/BB grade offers a consistent appearance on both sides with up to 15 small, color-matched patches, some light streaks, and minor knots, with inner layers made of solid wood veneers. The surface may show some light discoloration, and any imperfections are carefully repaired with patches that align in grain direction and closely resemble the surrounding area’s colour and pattern.

The B/BB grade features one side that is smooth and free from oval patches, though it may have very tiny dots and mineral streaks. It is ideal for visible surfaces like high-end kitchen doors, drawer fronts, and interior panels, showcasing a warm wood grain when finished with Osmo Hardwax Oil.

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