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Butler's Pantry: What Do You Need to Know? [2019]

Are you having difficulty to decide if you need a butler’s pantry (scullery)? Or looking for butler’s pantry ideas to add value to your house?

Butler’s pantry is becoming so popular now.

When you look through show homes, you will find out that a lot of houses or builds have a butler’s pantry installed.

This post is to show you everything that you need to consider for butler’s pantry.It saves time on your research and gives more information to plan your own butler’s pantry.

Picture: Decorpad

What is butler’s pantry (or scullery)?

Do you have lots of small or little gadgets that clutter up the main kitchen bench? For example juicer, blender, toaster, small coffee machine etc. Do you love food preparation? Like mixing a cake or prepare your dinner etc.?

So, a butler’s pantry is the extra space for food preparation and storage.

You can clean up large number of dishes and all oven trays that they don’t fit in the normal kitchen sink.You can do all the messy preparation work of a meal, without stress yourself of washing and putting away before guests arrive. 

You can hide the dirty dishes out of sight, behind the wall a closed door. Or have them out of the way without having to do the cleaning up straight away.

Besides, a butler’s pantry is an excellent storage space to ensure you have extra room for bottles, glasses, jars and small appliances.

Picture: Decorpad

What's the difference between a walk-in pantry and a butler’s pantry?

It is mentioned in an early post, a kitchen has three main functions are areas, food storage, food preparation and cooking.

But, a butler’s pantry or scullery is the only for storage and food preparation, its not serving the purpose of cooking. And a walk-in pantry is main for food storage.

The walk-in pantry is the same as the name says, it’s an extra space added to the main kitchen for storage of dried foods, beverages, or cleaning supplies. It’s mainly a storage space, not for cooking and food preparation.

The main reason for most homeowner opt for walk in pantry is for extra storage to hide items out of sight. For example, you have items like herbs, potatoes, onions and garlic that you don’t want to store them in the seen main kitchen area. In this case, a walk in pantry will be the best option for storing these items, not for food preparation and cooking.

Differently, a butler’s pantry not only gives you the room for storage, but also for food preparation. That’s why you see lots of butler’s pantries have benchtop, sink, small fridge, dishwasher, but no cooktop.

Picture: Regalraum

Do you need to a butler’s pantry?

A butler’s pantry is very helpful and useful for food storage and preparation, but not everyone opts for it. There are few things to determine to have one or not. Let’s have a quick look on these elements.

First, you need to determine your cooking style. Are you a big fan of cooking? Do you need lots of space for storing your foods? As mentioned earlier, a butler’s pantry is extra space for storage and food preparation, so it needs more space for having one in kitchen. 

Second, is your budget allowed for an extra space. To make a butler’s pantry functional, it definitely requires more space than a walk-in pantry. You may need to add extra cost for a second dishwasher, sink, and a small fridge etc.

Last, the kitchen layout needs to be considered before making a decision. A butler’s pantry is an extra space in the kitchen area, a tight space may limit it’s functionality.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions. 

Picture: Easyimage

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