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Kitchen Cabinet Fronts & Panels

Variety of fronts, materials and possibilities to help your DIY or home improvement projects. 

Kitchen Doors Replacement

New Life for Old Kitchen

New Kitchen Doors

Replace Paint

If the idea of completely replacing your kitchen seems impossible at the moment due to the budget and time constraints, you may consider the benefits of either refacing, replacing or painting your kitchen cupboard doors and drawer fronts. 

Getting new kitchen doors or cabinet doors for bathroom vanity can add extra value to your existing or old cabinets, as well save your time and money for your home improvement project. 

At Naffy, we provide a cost-effective alternative to help you achieve your goal, we have a large variety of kitchen door styles and colors if you need replacement kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

kitchen doors replacement

What We Do

Melamine doors

There are hundreds color options available if choose from the local trusted suppliers like Best Wood, Laminex, Prime Panels and more. With their product range, we can supply matt, gloss, acrylic high gloss or wood grain kitchen doors for your project. Comparing to lacquer finish, the standard velvet or matt melamine cabinet doors are the most cost-effective way to give a new life to existing cabinets. The melamine surface is more scratch resistant than lacquer finish, therefore is more durable to

door replacement

MDF doors

This is an engineered wood product made from wood fiber. This type of doors is the perfect option to traditional door styles (for example shaker door). It can be spray or brush-painted with millions colour choices from Dulux or Resene range. For example, you like the baby blue colour, however it’s not available from melamine or thermoil panels. Lacquered MDF doors is out preform natural wood doors as it won’t shrink or expand when exposed to environment.  

White doors

It is the most popular styles of kitchen or bathroom cabinet door. It can be modern or traditional and allows for so many design options for the rest of the kitchen. Whichever you choose, the tidy and clean finish of white will always look great. We offer a large range white choice, matt, velvet, embossed, gloss, acrylic, shaker or thermofoil for your personal needs to white doors.

white doors
thermofoil doors

Thermofoil doors

They are normally formed on a single piece of MDF. This type of doors are sometimes call vinyl doors, as the MDF pieces are wrapped by vinyl membranes. Thermofoil doors can be great value for money in a long-term period. Although the price is much higher than melamine and lacquer doors, but it lasts a lot longer than the other two option. But the color option is very limited by the supplier, because a roll of vinyl membrane is expensive, and it needs space to store them as well. This type of kitchen door can come with finish either gloss, matt or even wood grain texture. We partner with Dezainateck products, you can browser here for color options.

Doors replacement

If you want to give your existing kitchen a face lift, we provide cut-to-size service to replace bathroom vanitiy doors, kitchen doors, drawer fronts and panels. 

We also give you option to have pre-drilled holes and hinges sets supplied. 

If you also need extra cabinetry for your DIY or home improvements, our kitchen systems enable us to supply cut to size European Kitchen Cabinets as well. We make the door replacing work easier for you. 

door replacement

What needs to be considered for kitchen doors replacement?

1. Door Style

Choosing a door style is always a good staring place. Decide whether you want a modern style or a traditional kitchen, from there it should lead you naturally on to the colour and door style of the kitchen, whether that's a plain slab door, a shaker door, a profile door, or something else completely.

2. Measurements

Once you've chosen your new door style, you will need to measure the doors. When looking at the measurements for replacement kitchen door it can seem daunting and confusing, but it is relatively simple once you've got the hang of it.

3. Appliances Consideration

Many people take the opportunity to upgrade their appliances (fridges, freezers, dishwashers) at the same time as sprucing up their kitchen. Many go for integrated appliances, where the appliance sits either within a unit (like integrated ovens) or hidden behind doors (like integrated dishwashers).

4. Door Hinge Holes Position

The next element to consider is one of the most crucial part to get right, if you want to cut down on installation work. The drill holes for the hinges are a critical element of the door hanging. If you get this part wrong you will have to either re-drill the doors or re-position the fixing bracket to the cabinet, both of which are tedious, fiddly jobs, so please take a little longer on the preparation as it will pay off.

Color options

Trade essential color 16 or 18 mm thick 

Trade essential white

Popular colors 16 or 18 mm thick

Aged Ash
Char Blue
Refined Oak

For other colors and options, please contact us. Or you can fill in the form and email back to us, we can give you a price for your request. 

kitchen doors

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What's the most popular color for kitchen doors?

White color is always the most popular one for cupboard doors. But grain color gives more texture and contrast to a kitchen. 

What type of types is best for refacing?

If you are considering to repaint the kitchen or cabinet doors, MDF or custom wood is the best material. It has the flexibility for us to use to make pattern onto it. Also, it has better and smooth surface for fabricator to work on. 

What type of finish is the most durable?

Compare to melamine and lacquer finish, the thermofoil cabinet doors are the most durable for water and scratch resistance. 

What kind of doors we supply?

We supply the most popular cabinet doors for your DIY or replacement work.  

Do you do kitchen painting?

Sorry, we do not paint or spray paint them in our shop. We outsource the job to reliable and professional spray painters around us.  

How much to replace kitchen doors?

This is really depends on the types of doors, the quantity you need and the difficulty of the job. 

Generally, change the melamine doors can cost a little from $200 to a more complex job of $5,000.  

Reliable Suppliers

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