Corner Kitchen Cabinets
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Creative Use of Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner kitchen cabinets are the most remote space in your kitchen area, sometimes it makes hard to reach the items at the back of the cabinet. 

To avoid dead corners and to be able to make optimal use of every corner of storage space in the kitchen, corner cabinets are the perfect solutions for the kitchen corner. They can be in the form of a corner cabinet, Lazy-susan, Le Mans cabinet, Magic Corner cabinet or Power Slide cabinet. Diagonal solutions for sink, stove and hob cabinets can also be designed, so that base corners can be used as work surface.

corner kitchen cabinet
corner kitchen cabinet
Corner Pantry

Types of kitchen corner cabinet

Base Corner Cabinets & Pull-out

Base corner solutions allow you to store more items and optimize the valuable space within your kitchen. We offer many types of mechanisms such as LeMan, Lazy-susan, Magic Corner and Power Slide to reduce your back bending and increase user comfortability.

Corner Pantry & Pull-out

Tall corner cabinets are providing a generous space to store dry foodstuffs, making it easy to organise and use your favorite items. We offer different types of corner pantry solutions such as tall blind corner, tall diagonal shape pantry, L shaped pantry and walk-in pantry.

Corner Wall Cabinet

Kitchen wall corner sometimes is very hard to reach. However, with the ergonomic concept planning, Naffy helps to plan wall corner cabinets for ease of access. No over-stretch anymore.

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