Made-To-Measure Kitchens

Customized Kitchen Cabinets

Naffy kitchen is always made to measure. To design your kitchen, we start with a blank sheet of paper and question the customer. The taste, styles and individual requirement – all of these are considered before manufacturing, regardless of the size of the space and its architectural design. From this starting point, we take full account of the available space and the design theme preferred by the customer in order to develop a unique, individual kitchen. No matter what the customer’s specifications are – we always strive for perfection.

The possibilities of customization at Naffy Kitchens

Exclusively from Naffy: Tailor made kitchen cabinets to the millimeter dimensions. No space is wasted: the entire room is furnished with kitchen cabinets and you gain more storage space – regardless of the space restrictions.

Our tailor-made production ensure the kitchen cabinets and individual planning are  millimeter-precise in the factory. Your kitchen will be made exactly for your room right from the start and it will not be adjusted afterwards. This maximizes the quality for custom-made kitchens.

Perfects Fits In Width

Every kitchen is different and each has its own dimensions. To ensure that your dream kitchen fits perfectly into this room, we offer you custom-made furniture. This means that you no longer waste valuable space on panels and have the maximum storage space available.

Use furniture made to measure for the perfect design, in which you can get your pull-out cabinets made-to-measure instead of small cupboards or open shelves.

Perfectly Fits In Height

Sufficient storage space is usually in short supply, especially in small kitchen area. With cupboards made to measure up to room height, you can use the height of your room perfectly. It creates additional storage space for unused space. Therefore, you can store things that are not used every day, but should be stored in the kitchen area. 

Endless Possibilities

We offer a wide range of materials, designs and colors to make individual kitchen. Therefore no single kitchen is exactly the same as the other. With various designs and styles available, from contemporary handleless and high gloss options to traditional woodgrain and shaker styles, we can customize it for your taste. 


Our made to measure designs making it possible to fit even the most awkward of spaces. 

In addition to our own surface and color choice, which was inspired by natural colors, we also offers a grain matching service for wood style fronts. The possibilities are unlimited here. 

Made To Measure

Made to Measure, fully fitted kitchens allow you to really maximise the space in your kitchen to its full potential!. Regardless of the dimensions of a customer’s kitchen – we always manufacture our cabinets precisely. The kitchen space found rarely have an exact standard length, width or height, so that we are able to manufacture matching cabinets precisely to size helps to avoid unsightly gaps and wasted corners. This means that every millimeter of space in a kitchen is used optimally to create a pleasant cooking and living environment. 

Individual Dimensions

Our base cabinets are available in numerous heights (excluding toekick) from 37.5 cm to 87.5 cm, wall cabinets in heights from 37.5 cm to 100 cm and tall cabinets in several heights from 130 cm to 23.7 cm. Our cabinet toe kicks are also possible in any height from 6 cm to 26 cm, there is no room and no place where a Naffy kitchen would not fit. The same applies to the width of cupboards. There is no “standard kitchen” at Naffy, as we tailor make the living space that reflects your individual needs and personality. 

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