Overview of cabinet constructions

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Side view


Variables have been applied when we design and program kitchens. Most of our cabinet models are driven by database and variables for increasing the efficiency of planning.

Variable structure

We break down the variables into several components when we build up the structure.
It consists the following components:

Flexible dimensions

With the great help of variable controls, the kitchen planning can be driven by database, therefore, we can quickly change the kitchen system base on your requirement.
For example, we can switch among the kitchen systems (S72 / S73 / S75 S75X / S78 / S80) by few clicks or few numbers, all the changes of hardware and connector drillings will be re-calculated or re-generated in the CAD system.

Modeling method

Parametric functions

We applied an Autocad based CAD CAM solution to build our cabinet models, plus the database driven functions for parametric programming. 

What we do, we build up all the necessary rules and principles first, then apply them to make the cabinet models driven by all types of variables. 

This will speed up our programming a bit, and make the production process smoothly. 

Back constructions

Grooved construction
Inset construction
Onset construction

Cabinet back construction

We offer three options for cabinet back panels, they are :

  • Grooved construction, 
  • Inset construction, and 
  • Onset construction

You may need these method for different situations. 

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