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Handleless Kitchen: Sleek & Minimal

Types of Handleless Kitchen We Make

Naffy offers a large variety of kitchen systems to make true German-style handleless kitchens in Auckland.

Push to open

The quickest and easiest way to make a handleless kitchen is to use the Blum tip-on fitting in the cabinet. 

This tip-on mechanism is slim and easy to install for kitchen cabinets, also transform a kitchen to handleless in a short time. The tip-on fitting does not require modification in existing kitchen cabinets, therefore will save some cost when you purchase this kind of kitchen cabinets. 

Gola extrusion profile

In this type of handleless kitchen, the horizontal aluminium profiles are integrated or installed at the back of the door or drawer fronts, also the cabinets are milled with few cutouts for mounting them in the cabinets.

This type of handleless kitchen is the most popular and widely option for new builds, as it creates a minimal and modern look for a kitchen.


Gola profile-Wood

This type of handleless is integrated with wood or MDF material profiles. 

Instead of using aluminium profiles, this handleless style kitchen has two-piece narrow panels butted together and mounted across the kitchen cabinets to create finger space.

The greatest advantage of this type is you can choose an enormous colour to fit your personal taste.

Nordic Plywood Handleless

Plywood style handleless kitchen is very unique, it starts with IKEA, Nordic or Scandi design to create a beautiful and minimalist style kitchen with nature look. The plywood handleless style kitchen is so distinctive compare to other handleless kitchen design, as the edge or the core birch plywood material exposed. 

Recessed pull

The grips make the kitchen look like a handleless kitchen.
They are handles that are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel. 
The aluminium recessed profiles are either mounting on the front surface or at the top-back edge.
Picture: Santos
Shark nose or J profile
This type of handleless design is a more price-friendly version, comparing with the fronts with Gola and other versions of the handleless design.
The kitchen fronts are machined from CNC with special router bits, or processed with a functional edge bander for “shark nose” or “J” shape. 
The first picture shows the “shark nose” profile, the top bevelled edge allows you to touch and open cabinets and drawers directly at the top or bottom edge. 
The second one shows the “J” profile handle. The disadvantage of this design is it collects dirt and dust. However, a better alternative to this type of handleless kitchen is to integrate an aluminium “J ” pull bar on top of kitchen fronts.  
Picture: Bulthaup B1
Picture: Leicht

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