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iKea Style Kitchens Guide

Kitchen system matching. Practically design, re-build and make it for you in New Zealand. NZ custom-made individuality. 

image: IKEA

Ikea is a very big player in the furniture business, as it sells a very large scale for furniture products. It is also a mass-produced business that make thousands identical flat pack products at one time.

Their productions method has advantages and disadvantages.

The good thing is they have strong negotiation power to drop cost down when sourcing particle board material and hardware, and the kitchen design is nice and beautiful.

Ikea’s kitchens are not created to be extreme, or super cheap with low quality, nor they are top level with a high price tag. This doesn’t mean they’re shoddy or flimsy.

image: ikea

Their product stays in the middle, but depending on the products, they can be medium-low to medium-high.

They will last a while if looking after properly. The down side is the lack of flexibility to customize the size to fit individual requirement like ergonomics etc.

The quality of Ikea kitchen is dependent on assembly. Assembling and installing a kitchen is not the same as compared to assembling a bookcase.

So, are they good quality?

Yes, if you compare to quality for the price. They are medium quality with an acceptable price and a huge support behind them (not yet in New Zealand).

If you love Ikea kitchens, and want to use their 3D planner to design your own kitchens, you need to understand that Ikea has two different kitchen systems: Metod and Sektion.

image: ikea metod


image: ikea sektion

Ikea’s new Sektion kitchen is designed for U.S market, and it’s equivalent to European system Metod. They are very similar in height, Sektion is 30 inches 762 mm height where Metod is 800 mm tall (both exclude toe kick).

It might be a bit hard for you to spot the difference between these two systems, except from the quantity of drawers. 

What you can see is that the Metod has eight drawer-ratio, where Sektion has six drawer-ratio. 

The drawer-ratio allow you to combine them to create different style, for example Metod allow you to have four equal drawers, where Sektion allow you to have three equal drawers. 

Nevertheless, both systems can be customized to two equal big drawers.

From our CNC programmer’s point of view, it’s a big difference between these two systems.


Ultimately, the difference in systems affect a kitchen design (the look) and ergonomics. It doesn’t matter what kitchen hardware and finishes you chose. 

The different combination of drawer-ratio will change the height of the bottom drawer, which will determine the back-bending effort. If a higher drawer height selected, it helps you bend less to grab the handle to open the drawer.  

Please notice that, if you buy or import them from overseas, you need to think about these factors: shipping time, importing tax, dealer’s commission, GST, installation, modification of wrong size of cabinets and other post sale issues.

CNC cabinet
ikea Metod System
ikea Sektion System

Surely, if you understand these two systems, it’s not hard to design and make one in New Zealand practically. This will save some money and time, also you can build a stronger cabinet body and better quality than IKEA. 


What do you need at first?

If you do not get this right, you are not able to design a real IKEA style kitchen in New Zealand. 

So what’s the first thing you need to have? 

Not price list or color sample, but a kitchen system

It doesn’t matter which European brand kitchen you are choosing, like Nobilia, Schuller, Next125, Nolte and the like, they all have their own kitchen system similar as below picture. 

Kitchen System 798

IKEA Sektion kitchen is using S798 system to design and build their kitchen cabinets. 

It shows you that the base cabinet is 800 mm height (actual size is 798 mm); the wall units have different heights from 399 mm to 931 mm and tall units have few different heights from 1529.5 mm to 2194.5 mm. 

Why you need this system?

In most cases, if a kitchen design is not properly planned with a system, the chances of having broken lines with drawer cabinets are very high. 

It will break the sleek or streamlined look of a kitchen design without a kitchen system. If you Google online for those famous brands kitchens in European countries like Germany or Italy, you will see all of their kitchen design is streamlined. 

So, this is one of the most important ingredients to their kitchen design and products. 

If you want to design and manufacture an IKEA style kitchen in New Zealand, or you want to know more about IKEA kitchen system, please feel free to contact us to get a FREE QUOTE. 

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