IKEA Style Kitchens

IKEA Style Kitchen:

We start with IKEA kitchen modules, the cabinet dimensions are the same.  

But, the cabinets are using NZ made materials, locally supplied hardware and kitchen accessories for better IKEA kitchens. The advantages are: saving the importing tax and freight forwarding cost, reducing the waiting time, and most importantly, you can check the actual production schedule to fit your project time. 

Also, we offer extraordinary birch plywood kitchen fronts, hardware, and other high-quality storage solutions at a reasonable price. 

If making a completely new kitchen is too expensive, you can upgrade and replace the kitchen doors and drawer fronts with our high-quality materials to give a quick facelift, and to make your kitchen look like an IKEA kitchen. 


IKEA Kitchen Systems

Having the right kitchen system is important to build IKEA kitchens because it doesn’t use the standard modular kitchen system that is: 720 mm cabinet plus 150 mm toe kick. Rather, they have two different kitchen systems: Metod and Sektion. 

Metod system has a larger cabinet body which is 800 mm base cabinet plus 80 mm toe kick. However, Sektion has a smaller base kitchen cabinet 762 mm with 118 mm toe kick. 

When designing an IKEA style kitchen, it is so important to determine the right kitchen systems first, as it enables us to create a sleek and streamlined look kitchen, without the cluttered lines.

We use quality cabinet material and reliable hardware to build rigid IKEA style kitchen cabinets. All kitchen units are fully assembled by hands, used the traditional screw construction method or pocket screw to join together. All cupboard doors are connected with top quality Blum hinges with the soft-closing element to make sure the closing is smooth and quiet. Also, the drawers and accessories will be carefully selected from our local suppliers to ensure the quality is uncompromised, as well as to fit your budget.

Quality & Affordable

Bespoke Design

Standard kitchen cabinets are very price friendly, but they are not suitable for everyone. We provide a bespoke service to customize IKEA kitchen cabinets to fit the space and your requirement, no space is wasted.

IKEA Metod and Sektion kitchen systems are great, but we are not limited to them. We have more than nine kitchen systems are available to design and make sleek, modern and contemporary Nordic style kitchen. With these kitchen systems, you can choose the best one that suits you, and build a successful shaker, modern and handleless kitchen in Auckland, with our featured doors and drawer fronts. So, your kitchen will be creatively fitted with personalized elements.

Storage space is one of the most important features that need to be considered for daily use. 

Good storage solutions not only provide easy access to food and cookware in kitchen cabinets, but also eliminate long reaches into un-organized spaces and ensure convenient and easy access from both sides. 

Therefore, we supply types of pullouts with soft-closing drawers, baskets, trays, and pantry shelves to make your kitchen more efficient, for base cabinet, wall cupboard and tall pantry. We will carefully select the right one from Häfele, Harn, BLUM and HETTICH to fit your requirements and budget. 

Storage & Technology

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