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When you spend countless hours working in the kitchen, you do lots of walking here and there, bending down and kneeling to reach what you need, you will put yourself in uncomfortable positions. So, the right benchtop height becomes important to a kitchen design. It does not only help you to reduce back pain but also to maintain a good posture. If you have the same sequential tasks that will be repeated again and again, the right working height is the only way of preventing poor posture and thus chronic pain.

what is the right working height?

kitchen benchtop height

benchtop height = thickness of the worktop + carcass height + plinth

The most common and standard benchtop height is 900 mm, it is the ideal working height for a person between 1.65 m to 1.75 m tall. However, if your body height is not in the standard range, then it’s better to work out the right benchtop height. To do this, just bend the forearm, pretending that you’re stirring a pot and measure the distance between the floor and your bent arm. The optimal working height for you should be this distance minus 10 to 15 centimetres. However, the benchtop heights in the kitchen may vary according to your size and personal preferences.

carcass heights

768H | 780H | 800H

The height of a cabinet body is the basis of individual kitchen planning. With us, you have three different heights to customize an ergonomic kitchen. The planning on kitchen cabinet heights, benchtop thicknesses and plinths will fit the most structural conditions, and of course, the kitchen will be designed individually and ergonomically.

More space, More storage.

A Four-raster kitchen system ensures a sleek, clean and modern kitchen design on elevation view. This method splits the base cabinet into four equal portions. Therefore, our three kitchen systems 768 mm, 780 mm, and 800 mm gives three different single drawer heights: 192 mm, 195 mm and 200 mm. 

For our Scandi plywood kitchens, 768 mm is our lowest cabinet body, this system is suitable for old houses that need extra toe-kick space to scribe to fit; also a lower cabinet body will bring better ergonomics for shorter people. 

The 780 mm kitchen system has been used by many German kitchen manufacturers. The system splits a drawer unit into 6 small equal drawers, and each one is 130 mm in height. The limitation of this small drawer is the smaller internal storage, for example, the top drawer may not allow you to put cups or similar size containers in it. Therefore, instead of using the 6-raster method on a 780 mm cabinet, we use the 4-raster method to create four equal drawers.

If you love the extreme sleek, tidy and Scandi look of a kitchen, this 800 mm 4-raster system will exclusively help you to achieve this goal. This kitchen system is the same as IKEA Metod, each drawer height is 200 mm, plus a shallow 80 mm – 90 mm plinth and 12 mm benchtop, it creates an elegant Scandi design to your kitchen space.

cabinet depths - L / XL /XXL

You need more storage in the kitchen, so we have customized different cabinet depths to create more flexibility in kitchen storage. Combining the cabinet heights and depths, your kitchen storage could be labelled as L, XL, and XXL these three levels.

Wall units

The standard depth of wall units is 360 mm, but we offer the option of 560 mm depth units for extra storage space. The 560 mm depth wall units are normally used with 660 mm or 760 mm depth base cabinets.

Base units

We have four different depths for base units. The standard one is 560 mm, and the 660 mm plus 800 mm cabinet height creates XXL kitchen storage. 

Tall units

The depths for tall units are the same as base units. A sleek and tidy design will be achieved when they are used together. The depths range from 360 mm to 660 mm are available to all pantry heights. 

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