We offer NZ-made MDF melamine or baltic birch plywood kitchen cabinets for your modern Scandi or Midcentury kitchen design, tailored to fit your budget.

Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards

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We are based in Henderson that creates custom kitchen cabinets that blend quality, design, and functionality. Using durable materials like New Zealand-made melamine, Baltic Birch plywood, and top-notch hardware from brands like Blum and Hettich, we promise both durability and style. We offer a solid birch option that reflects mid-century design, and a modern style with a durable NZ-made MDF carcass, available with either plywood or MDF fronts. All our cabinets are pre-assembled for easy installation, tailored to your needs, and come in a range of trendy colors and finishes to match your modern space. With our use of quality materials and the latest CNC technology, we ensure precision and reliability in every product we make.

Cabinetry Styles

We have four unique kitchen cabinet styles to make modern, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, and shaker kitchens. We prioritize quality, crafting our cabinets from locally sourced New Zealand MDF, poplar plywood, and Baltic birch. These materials ensure both quality and durability, with thicknesses ranging from 16 to 19mm to create lasting kitchens.

1. PLY One

Our Ply One Style cabinet frame is built from New Zealand-made MDF, a common and standard choice for many kitchen cabinets. MDF with a melamine face offers a smoother feel compared to melamine chipboard, making it the most cost-effective option. For the kitchen front, we use plywood for added durability and quality.

2. PLY One +

The “PLY ONE+” kitchen style sets itself apart by having the horizontal rail flat and built into the frame, dividing the kitchen’s look. It’s especially great for shaker-style kitchens if you like seeing both vertical and horizontal lines in the design. These lines can be painted in contrasting colors to enhance the kitchen’s appearance.

3. PLY HDL (Handle-less)

Our PLY HDL system offers a sleek, handle-less (shadowline kitchen cabinet) design. Instead of the usual aluminium Gola profile, it uses a vertical rail setup for more finger space. Kitchen fronts come with either a mitre or a cove cut at the top for easy pulling. This design keeps your kitchen looking clean, uncluttered, and stylish.

4. Solid Birch Cabinet

If you prefer MDF free kitchen and dislike voids in poplar plywood, our cabinets is made entirely of strong Baltic birch. This includes the carcass, doors, and drawer fronts of the kitchen cabinets, ensuring top quality. Birch plywood has a beautiful appearance, offering a stylish mix of looks and durability that matches well with a modern clean and simple design. 

Hardware & Storage Solutions

We offer a variety of top-quality storage solutions for your kitchen cabinets, including the smooth and space-saving LeMans corner units, durable Blum lift systems for upper cabinets, efficient Hettich SlideLine for sliding doors, and convenient oil pull-outs in different sizes. Designed to maximize space and ease of use, our solutions make your kitchen both stylish and functional.

SlideLine -Hettich

For our wall and base cabinets, we avoid using doors that slide in grooves because they can get dirty and sticky over time. Instead, we use a system called Hettich Slideline. This means the doors have a track at the bottom with a runner, allowing them to open and close smoothly. This design keeps them cleaner for longer and ensures they operate smoothly for a long time.

Bifold Doors -hettich

We have Hettich bifold doors as a storage solution, perfect for pantry cupboards. These doors fold neatly, saving space and making it easy to access your items. They are durable, operate smoothly, and fit beautifully in modern kitchens.

Blum Hinge

Blum hinges are renowned for their durability and quality, ensuring your cabinet doors open and close smoothly for years. With features like soft-close technology, they enhance the kitchen experience by preventing door slamming. Their adjustability and wide range ensure a perfect fit for any cabinet design, making them a top choice for both builders and homeowners.

Blum Drawer

Blum’s soft-close drawers are popular for their top-quality build and smooth operation. They close gently, making kitchens quieter and more luxurious. Our customers love them for their durability and impressive functionality. Designed for frequent use, they function well over time, ensuring satisfaction with everyday use.

Blum Space Tower

The Blum SPACE TOWER is a smart pantry storage solution for kitchens. It has pull-out drawers that make it easy to grab what you need. It’s customizable to fit different sizes, ensuring no space is wasted. It is designed to last and has a smooth, soft-close feature for ease of use.

Oil Pull out

We offer top-quality oil pull-outs that fit spaces between 150 and 300mm wide. Perfect for keeping your cooking oils and bottles organized and easy to reach. Our pull-outs are designed to last, making your kitchen both functional and tidy.

Blum Lifting

Blum’s lifting mechanisms, perfect for upper kitchen cabinets. They make opening and closing cabinets easy and smooth, saving space and adding convenience. With their durable design and soft-close feature, these lift systems are a great choice for any kitchen, making access to high shelves effortless.


LeMans corner hardware is a smart way to use the corner space in your kitchen. These units swing out fully, so you can easily see and grab what you need. They’re strong, move smoothly, and you can adjust the shelves to fit different items, making your kitchen corner both stylish and practical.

Kitchen Grid System

Our kitchen designs focus on being smart and efficient. We use a unique planning system based on a 768mm grid to layout the kitchen, which allows us to divide the space into either 4 or 6 splits. This approach ensures our cabinets are not only space-saving but also user-friendly. Everything, including cabinets and appliances, fits together seamlessly, giving you the freedom to customize your kitchen to your liking, no matter the size. Our designs stand out for their clarity and structure, utilizing grid heights of 192mm for 4-split setups and 128mm for 6-spit setups. This makes our kitchens both attractive and functional, designed to meet your needs perfectly.

Kitchen Door Design

We specialize in colors and materials, offering personalized advice to help you pick the best combination for your kitchen design. Our MDF kitchen door options include Plain Melamine colours, Gloss and Matt finishes, and Traditional Shaker styles. Whether you prefer the simplicity of our ‘Plain’ range or the premium feel of our Scandi & Midcentury Plywood designs, we cater to every budget and taste. You can learn more about our Scandi Plywood Door designs here

Melamine - Modern

Melamine - Woodgrain

Thermofoil - Shaker

Acrylic - Matt / Gloss


PLY 21



PLY 31 - J Pull


Custom Design

Extrusion Handle

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Send us your questions, sketches or kitchen plans, and we will get back to you with a pricing idea or a detailed quote. If you’d like to see materials in person or discuss options at our workshop, feel free to contact us. Click here to view our price examples. 


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