Colour Fronts

Birch Plywood Front Colours

Our birch plywood fronts offer a variety of color options to enhance your kitchen design. Choose from natural stain colors that highlight the wood’s beauty, or select from a range of high-pressure laminates (HPL) and linoleum finishes for a more bespoke look. Each option plays a crucial role in defining the aesthetic and feel of your kitchen space.

birch plywood stains

Stain (Hardwax Oil)

Our birch plywood presents 1.3mm thick face and back veneers, the application of stain unveils deep, rich, and vibrant tones. This enhances your kitchen’s overall design. The exposed edges of the plywood are treated with a clear finish to showcase the layered beauty of the birch, offering an elegant and refined look.

Cigar box

Iron Bark





HPL Laminate (Plytech Futura HPL)

HPL, known for its durability and resistance to chemicals, fire, and wear, is a good choice for heavy-duty surfaces. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, HPL plywood is strong, long-lasting, and comes in classic shades of white, grey, and dark finishes.


Linoleum, a sustainable material 2mm thick with a leather-like surface, is made from linseed oil. It’s durable, often used for kitchen and bathroom flooring. Linoleum-faced material, ideal for doors, drawer fronts, and desktop furniture, is paired with Birch Ply, showing the Ply’s layers on the edges.


Smoky blue


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