Kitchen Door Replacement & Cupboard Doors

Old Kitchen New Life

Choosing for a quick facelift or choosing for our full-scale kitchen makeover service can boost your home’s value, enhance your kitchen’s functionality, and potentially sell your home at a higher price. Our experience and expertise could save you thousands!

Scandi Birch Plywood Fronts

If you’re a fan of the Scandi or Ikea style, plywood could be a great fit for your project. We use the highest quality materials for our kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, and we’ve found that top-notch birch plywood is the best choice. It’s not only sturdy and long-lasting, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Plus, its resistance to moisture makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Birch plywood will keep your cabinets looking beautiful for years, and it’s a perfect match for that mid-century or Scandi-kitchen style.

plywood kitchen

Melamine Doors

For modern, durable kitchen cupboard doors, consider melamine panels with laser edge tapes. This method creates seamless joints without hot melt glue, ensuring a strong adhesive bond that withstands high temperatures and moisture. Upgrade your kitchen with this effective and long-lasting solution for cupboard fronts.

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Doors​

Acrylic cabinet doors are an excellent option for kitchen door replacement due to their durable and high-quality construction. Made from MDF substrate with a glossy or matte acrylic finish on both sides, these doors are designed to last. They feature a laser edge seal for added scratch, dirt, and heat resistance. If you need long-lasting, top-quality kitchen doors, acrylic doors are a great choice.

gloss acrylic kitchen

Shaker & Profile Doors

Thermofoil doors, or vinyl wrap doors, offer a budget-friendly alternative to two-pot lacquer for updating kitchen doors and drawers. Made from FSC-certified MDF panels and covered with a 0.4mm or 0.5mm vinyl membrane, they’re ideal for creating a shaker style or traditional kitchen look. Not only are they highly durable, resisting scratches and chipping unlike traditional lacquered finishes, but they also provide a sleek, long-lasting upgrade for your kitchen.


Cabinet hardware plays a crucial role in the functionality and ergonomics of kitchen doors and drawer fronts, the right ones ensuring your kitchen operates smoothly and comfortably.

How much does it cost to replace kitchen cupboard doors?

Kitchen door replacement prices start at about $3,000 for a small kitchen and can go up to $9,000 for larger ones. However, the actual cost can vary a lot depending on several things like the materials, finishes, and hardware you choose. To get an accurate quote, we need to visit your site to measure and discuss your choices. Want a rough estimate/ballpark figure? Just fill in the form below with your details, choose your preferred kitchen styles, and send us photos of your current kitchen. We’ll work out an estimate and email it to you to think over. If you’re interested in seeing materials in person or discussing your options further, feel free to visit our workshop.

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