Plywood Kitchen Doors

Beautiful, Timeless & Sleek

Kitchen cupboard doors are one of the most primary and foremost elements that need to be considered of a modern kitchen in new build, kitchen renovation or a facelift to the tired kitchen. The style of cupboard doors gives the entire kitchen interior a new atmosphere, it blends the color of the wall, the texture of the floor and the lighting sources that enrich the harmonious tone. 

It is very challenging when various options are available and you need to make a decision on them. If you are looking for a type of material not only enhances the contemporary look of a kitchen, but also creates a harmony between you and your house, then it is worth to consider the plywood material for kitchen cupboard doors. 

Plywood material is very different from MDF or Particle Boards, it is laminated with solid wood layers and bonded with WBP glue which makes it very strong and durable. It gives wide range of creative options such as, a natural looking kitchen with birch or oak option, a modern collection with exposed layers on HPL, and a true Scandi beauty with Linoleum. 

cupboard doors
cupboard doors
plywood kitchen

All our kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts are all manufactured from 18mm to 20mm thick birch plywood, they have beautiful exposed plywood edges and it is the most sustainable alternative (FSC Certified) to MDF or Chipboard. 


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