New Kitchen Cupboard Doors


Quick, Easy and Affordable

Breathing new life into an old kitchen doesn’t have to be a big or expensive job. If you’re not quite ready to take the leap to a full-on kitchen revamp, replacement kitchen doors are a quick, simple, and affordable way to update your space. With a new style, a new colour, or a new finish, it’s easy to transform the look and feel of your kitchen, without the need for a complete refit.

CNC Made To Measure

Our made to measure kitchen doors come in a range of different colours and wood finishes, perfect for updating the look of your existing kitchen to your exact measurements.

Melamine Doors
Plywood Doors

How To Measure Your Kitchen Doors

Measuring the doors

– Measure the kitchen door from the back of the door,
– Measure in millimetres,
– Measure height x width,
– Always measure the door not the carcass,
– Allow enough space so doors do not hit each other.

Measuring the hinges

– Mark the centre of hinge holes,
– Measure from top or bottom
– Use odd number H1(T),H3(T)… for top side hinges; and even number H2(B), H4(B) … for bottom side hinges. 


We partnered with reliable freight companies and will quote you the cost of shipping based on the address. 

It is a good idea to email us a picture or two of the current kitchen. Just for making sure the current cabinet body is still strong and in good condition for new doors. There is one type of kitchen door we are not able to supply, which is called face-frame. 

It is always good to start from the cupboard door back. This will make the measurements more accurate if the doors have profiles surrounding them. 

It is important to supply the correct 35mm diameter hinge hole location if you would like the hinge holes pre-drilled. Firstly, mark the centre of the hinge hole, then measure the distance either from the top or bottom edge of the cupboard door. 

It is always 35mm in diameter for European style. 

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