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A full kitchen renovation sometimes is expensive, especially if you choose to replace entire kitchen cabinets.

However, replacement of kitchen doors is a great and quick way to give the most important room in your house a new life, with a small fraction of the cost. You’ll be surprised at the difference the new kitchen doors can make to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. With various designs and door styles available – from contemporary handleless and high gloss options to traditional wood grain and high quality plywood featured – you can go from modern to country chic in an instant. The first thing you need to consider for new custom made kitchen doors is to decide on the right style. 

Our replacement kitchen door ranges come in bespoke or made to measure designs, making it possible to update even the most awkward of spaces. 

Refresh your kitchen quickly on a budget, transform your kitchen fast. 

Types of Kitchen Doors and Drawer Fronts


Plywood - Sustainable, & Natural

By combining our plywood kitchen doors, drawer fronts and worktops, you can create Nordic, Scandi and IKEA style kitchens. 

Plywood kitchen has warm and aesthetic features, the beautiful exposed edge add visual interest and complement the wooden natural feeling. Our plywood kitchen doors are made using a variety of real wood veneers: birch, oak and walnut. Each of them makes its design and feel to the kitchen space. 

Melamine + Zero Glue Line Edge

Melamine-faced doors give the aesthetic of hardwood and concrete look doors with laser edging. Created from a combination of compressed wood particles and encased in a resin and paper finish, these doors come in a wide range of styles and colours, making it easy to create a bespoke look to suit your kitchen. The melamine door edges are sealed with laser edges which makes the cupboard doors more durable than hot melt glue. 

Thermofoil & Shaker Doors - Versatile

Thermofoil doors are normally formed on a single piece of MDF that is wrapped by vinyl membranes. They can be of great value for money in a long-term period. Although the price is higher than the melamine and lacquer doors, it has a longer life span than the other two options. This type of kitchen door come with a finish of either gloss, matt or a wood grain texture. Click here for colour options.

Acrylic & Gloss Doors - Trendy

Acrylic Doors are a premium door option that brings a modern feel and look to any room. Ideal for both home and office applications. Acrylic doors are 18mm thick with a 1mm Acrylic layer face and back with MDF (E0) Substrate. There are two finishes available – High Gloss Finish and Velvet Finish. The gloss-finish is unlike anything else, the appearance is very reflective. The matt acrylic finish is non-reflective, it makes a kitchen high in quality and elegance. Both finishes are UV and incredible scratch-resistant, they have matched laser and standard edging available.

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Most Frequent Questions & Answers

The cost is determined by many factors. In many cases, kitchen cabinet door replacement doesn’t only involve the door itself, but also involves cupboards, drawer fronts, replacing hinges, replacing or upgrading drawer runners (for example upgrading current drawer runners to Blum, Hettich, etc.), or extra labour for removing panels as well as the installation. There are a few things that need to be considered and inspected onsite to determine what options can be done at what cost. Based on our experience, the price range to replace and install cupboard doors and drawer fronts ranges from  $2,200 +GST to $8,600 +GST.

To request an estimate, you could send through pictures of your current kitchen or cabinetry. We will need a couple of photos and a picture to show the internal carcass to check the possibility of new hardware.

Once we receive the pictures and your requirements, we will work out the estimate and email it to you as soon as we can. If we are not able to work out the price from the pictures you sent through, we do supply site visits and measurement services at $100+GST for the first hour, minimum 1 hour, then 15-minute increments. Also, we will email you a formal quote after the onsite measurement. 

I would say this depends on the situation. If you want to give the kitchen a quick facelift and sell the house quickly, kitchen door replacement is a good option.

Similarly, replacing kitchen doors is a quick and cost-effective way to enhance a rental property quickly before new tenants arrive or for passing regulations. You can bring in the doors to us and we can copy and drill the hinge holes for you. Then you can do the replacement yourself to save money.

Getting an entirely new kitchen can be very expensive – $15K or more in New Zealand. If this is out of your budget, but the kitchen carcass looks good, a kitchen door replacement is a great way to upgrade a kitchen. Simply choose the door materials that you want for the upgrade, and you have a much cheaper option for what feels like a new kitchen.

The short answer is yes. The only type of kitchen cabinet doors that we can’t simply replace are the very old face frame style. Most kitchens with these types of doors were built 30 years ago, and the door likely has a lot of wear and tear. In addition, the cabinet structure is usually either not able to match today’s European kitchen systems or not strong enough to hold the new doors.

If you would like to get an estimate for kitchen door replacement, simply email us a couple of pictures of the existing kitchen and your requirement of materials. No matter the kitchen, I can work out a ballpark figure and get it to you quickly.

At this stage, we only supply installation services in West Auckland, North Shore City, and Auckland City. Kitchen door replacement sometimes needs panel modification or it might need to be fixed in the workshop by CNC or panel saw. It’s not very cost-effective to ship doors back and forth for these services, as this will increase the labour and travelling costs, so we work in these areas to make sure we can get you the best service at the best price.

Changing kitchen doors , the affordable way to refresh a kitchen.

Get estimates for your kitchen door replacement project. Simply email us a picture or two of the existing kitchen, we will work out an estimate of the job.

We also supply kitchen door measurement service start from $100+GST.

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