Kitchen Doors & Styles

The style of a kitchen primarily reflected by the kitchen doors and drawer fronts. We have the option on door material and styles for a completely new kitchen project or kitchen door replacement job. 

Kitchen Doors and Styles

Different types of fronts

Melamine fronts - most popular

Melamine fronts are the most popular and widely used material in the kitchen. The edges are sealed with normal PVC or laser edgings. The latest laser taping makes doors durable and offers better protection on fronts. 

Thermoformed fronts - versatile

If you would like to maximize the life span of a traditional or classic style kitchen, the thermofoil warped over the doors offer better protection over 2-pac lacquer doors. 

Acrylic - trendy

Acrylic doors are laminated with a layer of hard-wearing acrylic surfaces and with laser edges. There are two options available: a matt, scratch-resistant surface with a lacquer feel and an absolute high-gloss look. The gloss level is same as high gloss lacquer, but far more strong surface compares to lacquered doors. 

2-pac lacquer - colourful

We use NZ made HDF as our material as the base of lacquered doors. You can choose or customize individual colour and tone to match your style from millions of colours. 

Plywood fronts - Nordic

If you are a plywood lover or a fan of Ikea/Scandi style kitchen, plywood fronts are so versatile to transform your kitchen to a pure Nordic design with a natural look. 

Integrated fronts - Sleek

We have a different version of integrated aluminium profile to make your kitchen sleek, modern and a true German handleless design. 

Door Profiles







Kitchen Styles

Scandi Kitchen


Scandinavian style kitchens are minimal, clean and modern. Their bright, sleek look creates a European feel. The design generally with larger size cabinet doors with oak texture. 

Modern Kitchen

kitchen door

A modern kitchen offers streamlined and minimalist styling with clean lines, open spaces and highly-functional post-industrial materials combined with natural timber and stone.

Shaker Kitchen

Shaker kitchen is based on an uncluttered and orderly approach. Shaker cabinetry doors work in both a classic, country style kitchen as well as a modern, contemporary kitchen setting. 

Handleless Kitchen

handleless_ - Copy

Handleless kitchen doors are available in a superb range of finishes including sleek high gloss, warm wood and understated matt. The kitchen doors without handle elements create a sleek and minimal look.

High Gloss Kitchen

Minimalist and very spacious living room linked with a very modern kitchen

High gloss kitchens are incredibly versatile and can be configured in any number of ways. A kitchen with acrylic gloss doors provides a very clean and streamlined look, particularly in white or neutral shades.

Plywood Kitchen

plywood doors

Sustainable, rigid, quality, natural look… So, plywood kitchen has a lot more variety than any other kitchens. The most popular choices are birch plywood and HPL ply for creating a warmth feeling. 

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