Our Cabinets

We offer two distinct cabinet styles to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality: onset and inset. Onset cabinets, perfect for modern European-style kitchens, feature sleek, overlay doors for maximized storage. In contrast, inset cabinets provide a timeless look with doors precisely fitted within the frame, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. Each design combines durability with elegance, ensuring a perfect match for both contemporary and classic tastes.

plywood kitchen

Onset Style

Modern plywood kitchen with overlay fronts

Our onset cabinets offer more than just a single style; we’ve innovated our construction to enable a variety of designs. Beyond MDF, we utilize poplar plywood for wet areas like sinks and rubbish bins, enhancing durability and choice. Our systems seamlessly complement both modern plywood fronts and traditional shaker-style kitchens, offering versatility and style. Explore the range of our onset cabinet styles for a deeper insight into our offerings. Click the links below for more details on our onset cabinets: 




Inset Style

Solid birch kitchen with Inset Fronts

Unlike onset cabinets, inset cabinets feature doors and drawer fronts that are flush with the cabinet frame, creating a sleek look. However, this exposes the frame edges to water, moisture, and heat, which can damage materials like MDF or particle board. To prevent swelling and ensure durability, high-quality plywood with Water and Boil Proof (WBP) glue is essential. That’s why we use Baltic birch plywood for our inset cabinets, making them perfect for high-end kitchens. This choice guarantees longevity and maintains the beauty of your cabinetry in any condition. Click here to learn more about our solid birch plywood cabinets. 

Kitchen Split- 768H

Our kitchen system, featuring either a four-split of 192mm or a six-plit of 128mm, results in a total base cabinet height of 768mm. This innovative approach ensures an aesthetically pleasing and efficient use of space, especially in kitchens with multiple cabinets and drawers. With our kitchen splits, each kitchen is thoroughly crafted to harmonize functionality and beauty, offering you a personalized space tailored to your needs. This split method serves as the foundation for all our kitchen cabinets, styles and models, guiding their design and construction.

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