Plywood Laundry Cabinets

In laundry spaces, which are often subject to dampness and wetness, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials. Our expertise lies in creating premium, custom-made plywood laundry cabinets that blend seamlessly with both modern and contemporary designs, guaranteeing an optimal equilibrium of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Plywood Doors Style

To truly elevate plywood kitchen design, the choice of kitchen doors is paramount. We’ve reimagined the traditional cut-through grab handles, which can cast unflattering shadows and inadvertently expose kitchen contents, with our meticulously designed semi-recessed handles. By routing just partway through the door or drawer front, our semi-recessed handles retain a slender layer of plywood, ensuring both a sleek aesthetic and discreet coverage of your kitchen’s interior. If you’re considering a kitchen door replacement or an upgrade to birch plywood doors, contact us today. 

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All of our fronts and panels are crafted from birch substrate, ensuring not only a beautiful finish but also longevity in the face of wet, damp, and humid conditions.

We recognize the crucial role that the quality of the cabinet carcass, or interior, plays in the longevity of the product. By choosing poplar plywood for our cabinet interiors, we ensure a durable and long-lasting solution without compromising on quality. This choice not only guarantees a premium product but also offers cost savings, making a balance between high-grade materials and budget-friendly options.

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