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Maximum flexibility with Naffy kitchen systems

Welcome to Naffy, your kitchen manufacturer in Auckland. Our main goal is to build the right modern kitchen for you. 

You can choose one of the nine kitchen systems to build a German or Scandinavian style kitchen cabinets in New Zealand. 

Kitchen Cabinet Types

Which kitchen cabinet types and options that best fit for your project? 

We have all sorts of practical cabinet types such as corner storage cabinets that make optimum use of the available space.


  • base cabinet
  • base corner solutions
  • tall cabinet
  • wall cabinet
  • on benchtop pantry

Base cabinets are the foundation of a kitchen. They should be carefully selected when planning or buying a kitchen.

The base units are available in many different sizes and styles, therefore the choice is very large.

They can be designed or used as a pull-out drawer, drawer cupboard, sink cabinet, shelf cupboard, glass-door cupboard or sliding-door cupboard. The type of fittings in the base cabinets also significantly determines the functionality and appearance of the kitchen. Practical cabinet solutions provide more comfort in kitchen area.


kitchen drawers

Drawer cabinet

This is a drawer cabinet with a particularly tall drawer, which offers more storage space for pots and pans. 

Cutlery drawer

This type of drawer cabinet with two drawers and two pull-outs is for cutlery and crockery storage. The cutlery placed in the upper drawer is so handy when needed.

Inner drawer

Base cabinet with inner drawer or hidden drawer offers another storage option for small parts, without disturbing the streamline design. 

Sink cupboard or drawer

This sink cabinet uses the available space under the sink optimally. The rubbish sorting is a lot easier with the full accessibility drawer. 

Base pull out

Base pull out cabinet with two large drawers for storing cooking spices, bottles and chopping boards.It can be two drawer unis or a cupboard with basket. 

It’s very common to use L-shape or U-shape, if a kitchen is planned with L shape or U shape. To avoid the dead corners and to be able to make optimal use of every inch of storage space in the kitchen, the corner cabinets are the best solutions for the situation. There are many forms of base corner you can choose from. 


Lazy susan

Lazy susan is the most common soltuion for L shaped corner cabinet. The circular shelves rotate around a vertical axle to allow easy access to a greater area of space.

Magic corner

Magic Corner corner base cabinet works similar to LeMans, but it offers more organizing with four wired baskets. So, you can more different sizes pots and cooking elements. 


Le Mans corner base cabinet makes an intelligent and clear use of the corners in the kitchen possible. With the Le Mans fittings, the trays for pots will come out easily from the corner. 

Power slide

Although it looks very similar to LeMans, but the way it opens is totally different from LeMans. Power slide allows you to avoid hitting elements next to it. So you can open both without banging. 

The most import role of tall cabinet is to make storage more convenience and back friendly, as well as ergonomic solutions in the kitchen area. 

Tall units can be offered as a space tower, pantry cupboard, corner pantry, crockery cupboard, broom cupboard, glass cupboard or shelf cupboard. 

The tall cabinets are available in different sizes and can be planned flexibly according to the available space in the kitchen. 


Broom cupboard

The broom cupboard stores brooms and vacuum cleaners in the kitchen area, without having to compromise on design. Moreover, small items such as the brushes, detergents and chemical can be kept out of the reach of children in the top area. 

Space tower

Space tower offers plenty of storage space, the inner pull-outs can be planned and designed individually and that gives you easy access to items from all three sides. It is so convenient and ergonomic to store food in modern kitchens.

Pull out pantry

The pull out pantry is one of the most popular type of kitchen cabinets, this is ideal for supplies as it is accessible and fully extendable from both sides. 

Wall units can be used as a diagonal wall unit, corner wall unit, spice wall unit, glass wall unit, shelf wall unit, top unit, louver cabinet, sliding-door cabinet, folding-door cabinet, open shelf and display cabinet. 

Wall units are essential in most kitchen designs. They create additional storage space using the overhead space in the kitchen. Also, they are another optional storage for dishes, glasses or supplies and can also set design accents with the right opening mechanism.



Blum flapping fitting is a price friendly version for smaller wall cupboard. It allows you to have full opening to access the items inside. 


This is an alternative option for full access area over the benchtop are. It allows a slightly bigger door size but require more top space for opening. 


If you need big wall cupboard like 750 mm to 900 mm tall, this is the best fit mechanism. But the swing opening will limit the full access space. 


If you want the wall cupboard line looks aesthetically, the folding system is a must have option. The folding line split the wall cupboard into two sections. 

Blum Aventos product range has requirements on wall cupboard size. For your planning instructions, click the bottom to view the planning guide. 

On bench pantry can be varied in may styles like diagonal cupboard, folding door, lifting door, roller door or pocket door systems. 

It provides excellent storage for small kitchen appliance at bench top corner, combing with different opening methods to suit individual needs. 


Bifold door

Bifold doors take up very little floor space when opened, and making them practical in small areas. These doors open outward toward the edge of the without hitting the above cupboard door.

Lifting door

When the space is tight and shorter, the lifting system can be creatively applied to on bench pantry. The lifting door just making space is 100% open. 

Roller door

Roller door allows full access to a cabinet, since it rolls up and out of the way. It also allows you to add a door to a cabinet in a tight space – where you may not have room for big window trim or a door to swing into the room.

Pocket door

Pocket doors are a lovely way to leave the cabinet doors out of the way while you work around the kitchen in the morning. But, a good quality manufacturer is required for this in order to ensure the doors glide as smoothly as possible.


Most frequent questions and answers

Hi, we do not have limitation on kitchen cabinet sizes, as long as we can cut them out from 2440×1220 mm sheets. The small size we can make is 150mm. Generally, kitchen width are increased by 150mm, so the base units can be 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. 

We have made our-self flexible to cabinet dimensions and hardware selection, therefore the price can be varied based on different material and hardware. However, our price is very competitive compare to high end kitchen makers. 

We can customize kitchen tones for your individual requirement. If you love two-tone kitchens, simply let us know the theme. We can tailor your needs and build the one perfectly fits you. We do customize black and white, blue color kitchen, high gloss kitchen and grey kitchen on your request. 

Built in cabinets are excellent solution to minimal kitchen design. We do supply built in cabinets to fit your bespoke kitchen range.  

We are not limited to any forms of cabinets. We custom make cabinets like kitchen cupboards, bathroom vanities, laundry, rumpus room and garage cabinets. 

We can supply flat pack kitchen cabinets, but limited to screw or rafix construction. We only have a 2440 x 1220 flatbed CNC router, we can’t do horizontal drilling. Therefore, we can’t do dowels and cams construction.. 

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