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Walk in wardrobe made to measure

Plan together with us your personal bedroom

The walk in wardrobe offers a functional place to choose your outfits and get ready for the day. 

It’s not just stand alone, but it can be a built in wardrobes and other wardrobe systems. 

Open shelving enables you to display your possessions. 

Meanwhile our range of storage options, such as pull down hanger means everything is stored away neatly. 

walk in wardrobe

Four steps to your walk in wardrobe

To help you to best fit your walk in wardrobe, closet, built in wardrobe or bespoke wardrobe systems, we have develop these four steps for configuration. If you want help with planning, or are looking for a very special solution, please contact us today for help. 

Step 1: Dimension & material

Here you can specify the dimensions for cabinet. We need width, height and depth to customize the space.
Then you can choose your preferred colors from our NZ suppliers.
Please contact us for your walk in wardrobe dimension.

Step 2: Division & Shelves

In this step, you can choose the number and size of division and shelves in your walk-in closet. It is better to let us know the quantity of them. For maximizing the stability and rigidity, we recommend not exceeding 900 mm of each division.

Step 3: Interior Fittings

We offer you various options to customize your walk in wardrobe. You can choose between inner or slide out soft closing drawers, trouser holders, clothes rails and pull outs. If you need help to customize the interior fittings, please contact us to help.

Step 3: Fronts

Walk in closets are usually designed with open shelving. However, we can design doors and drawers with selection of sliding or folding doors. If you can't find what you need here, we can specify your requirement and make it practically work for you in New Zelaand.

Send us your sketch

It’s time consuming to convert an entire room with all the details that required. However, a good sketch will make it easier for us to work on your ideas. You might be a sophisticated Autocad, Solidworks or Sketchup user, we can take your dwg or dxf files to work on your job. 

1. You can send us a sketch or quick hand drawing for what your walk in wardrobe should look like and what dimensions are working for you.

2. We will use your sketch to create a practical design based on your needs for your your walk-in closet or, if you wish, create a technical drawing.

3. Once you are happy with the price etc., we will process the agreed design and make it work before the due day. We can do the installation for you if you require to.

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