Design Your Own Beautiful, & Semi Hand Made, Custom Built Vanity Unit


A few of our recent custom made vanity units…

At Naffy, we offer a service for customers looking to design a beautiful bespoke plywood bathroom vanity. It’s never been easier to have a custom-made plywood vanity unit that matches your interior vision, and our 4-step process will guide you through the different options available.

All of our plywood vanity units are semi-handmade with top-quality hardware, and use natural and sustainable materials to give you a beautiful design. You could source your own, benchtop or sink and taps, and we’ll make something that works with your design.

Simply follow the steps below and let us know the details to design your own plywood vanity. 

1 Step One: Choose Vanity Type


Inset cabinet doors and drawer fronts are set into the cabinet frame and fit flush with the face of the cabinet when closed. This stype of construction method allows the multiplex birch edges exposed. 


Overlay cabinet has doors or drawer fronts cover the side panel partially or fully. It is simple, sleek, and less expensive way to build the plywood bahtroom vanity. 

2 Step Two: Choose Vanity Layout

This is the option to determine the space configuration and the placement of cupboard doors and drawer fronts. For example, a taller cupboard area allows plenty room for taller bottles and larger products, and the drawers are perfect for smaller items. Below are a few ideas of bathroom layout. 

3 Step Three: Choose The Handle Profile

The handle profile is one of the influential elements that will change the vanity design. At Naffy, we supply more than nine unique handle profiles to make the plywood vanity look differently and more beautiful.


4 Step Four: Choose a Vanity Size

Vanity Height

Single row: H260 – 380mm

Double row: H520 – 700mm 

Floor stand: H730 + Toekick

Vanity Depth

Door Cupboard only: D360 – 520mm

Drawer Vanity: D430 – 460mm


We combine reliable materials, personal colour tone and various connectors to make a beautiful and durable plywood bathroom vanity. 

Euro Birch

A versatile plywood cuts and finishes well, it has an excellent strength to weight ratio. Suitable for cabinets that exposed to hight moisture.


Linoleum is a natural surfacing material that delivers the finishing touch for all high-end furniture designs.

HPL Laminate

HPL is a strong material for surface decoration. It has rich surface colour, texture and special physical properties.

Handle Profiles

We have more than nine different handle profiles to design and build a beautiful Scandi plywood vanity.

Lamello Zeta

Zeta P2 is the biscuit joiner for P-System connectors and is used to create the formlocking connection.

Cabineo System

Cabineo is connector which is used with CNC machine to create quick and strong connector for cabinet furniture.

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