Birch Plywood Kitchen Door & Drawer Fronts

Birch Beauty: Give Your Old Kitchen a New Life

Enhance your kitchen with our specially crafted plywood doors and drawers, designed to fit seamlessly with your European-style cabinets. Our products are not only a perfect match for your existing kitchen layout but also add a touch of elegance and improved functionality.

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Plywood Handle Profiles

We offer our fronts in a range of modern styles. You can choose either fronts with built-in handle profile or those designed for separate handles. We also have plain fronts perfect for push-to-open systems or for using your own handles, as long as they fit the cabinets practically. 

PLY 11

PLY 21




Extrusion Handle

Check here for more plywood kitchen design ideas (PDF).


Custom Profile Design

We’ve innovated a technique where we retain a 3mm layer of birch on the back while shaping plywood kitchen doors, ensuring the entire door is a single, seamless piece without the need for a separate patch.

plywood door style

Cabinet Hardware

If you’re looking to change your kitchen drawers, we’ve got a great option for you. Our Blum soft-close drawers are a stylish upgrade. We use plywood fronts that make your kitchen look more modern and custom-made, complete with the latest hardware. 

Birch Plywood Material

We use top-grade plywood for crafting doors and drawer fronts with recessed handle cutouts, guaranteeing superior visual quality. Our plywood, sourced from sustainably managed European forests, is renowned for its strength, stability, and resistance to moisture. 

Colour Fronts

Birch Plywood Front Colours

Our birch plywood fronts offer a variety of color options to enhance your kitchen design. Choose from natural stain colors that highlight the wood’s beauty, or select from a range of high-pressure laminates (HPL) and linoleum finishes for a more bespoke look. Each option plays a crucial role in defining the aesthetic and feel of your kitchen space.

birch plywood stains

Need a price?

Just send us a couple of pictures of your current kitchen or a kitchen plan. We’ll get back to you with a pricing idea or a detailed quote.

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