Custom Plywood Fronts

We love plywood material, not just for durable and sustainable, but it has the flexibility to be designed and modified to create an individual Nordic and Scandi taste kitchen.

We crafted a whole variety of different style doors & drawer fronts, and almost a limitless choice of handle backings, from painted, exposed-wood layers, laminated, aluminium to linoleum. Just as with all our door styles, we pay a great deal of attention to the details, with much of the design process, focused on ergonomics, aesthetics and most importantly, functionality.

Plywood Door & Drawer Front Styles

We have created our semi-recessed handle to replace the classic cut-through grab handle which normally leaves the dark shadow on doors and drawer fronts. Also, the classic cut through handle makes the items in kitchen cabinets exposed so easily. However, our semi-handmade recessed handle can solve this problem, as the we only routed partway through the front, this enables a plywood back on handle profile to hide the kitchen items.

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Contemporary Nordic & Scandi Plywood Interiors 

Plywood Kitchen Doors & Drawer Fronts

The plywood fronts create the warmth that can only be achieved with timber.  Each panel is unique, it engages our emotions and senses like no other material. It becomes more charming as it tells you the story over time. For your contemporary Nordic & Scandi living taste, we have more than eight styles to help you to create a unique kitchen with wood interiors. Our range of plywood doors and drawer fronts are offering you unlimited possibilities to form a true Nordic or Scandi taste, for a simple kitchen door replacement job or a completely new kitchen project. 

Plywood Kitchen Doors

We use the latest CNC machining technique to manufacture plywood kitchen doors and drawer fronts precisely. We have many types of plywood doors to give your kitchen or cabinets a quick refresh. For kitchen door replacement, you can keep the existing kitchen cabinets, and replace the old doors and drawer fronts with our products. This is a quick and cost-effective way to transform your kitchen into a beautiful and cozy Nordic and IKEA look. 

Kitchen door replacement is an inexpensive and fast way to fresh an old kitchen quick. Our plywood fronts can help you to transform your old kitchen with a new Nordic or IKEA kitchen look. 

Custom Profile Design

Your taste is unique. So we endeavour our-self as much as possible to offer you flexible CNC programming service. That means the shapes of the finger pull profile we created and machined on plywood can be customized to fit your design or idea. If you find something interests you on Pinterest, simply email us the design, we can make it practically work here in Auckland. 

plywood door style
birch plywood

Plywood Material

All recessed handle cut out are exposed, so we carefully select the best quality plywood to manufacture doors and drawer fronts for best visual quality. All plywood material is made in European countries, so they are created from sustainably forested trees for its durability, rigidity, and moisture resistance. The most popular plywood materials are Birch Plywood, HPL that laminated on both sides of 18mm birch plywood, and oak veneered plywood.

Popular Plywood Colours

Here are some popular plywood colours, but we are not limited to these. Plywood has a lot more fun than the melamine faced board. The beauty of plywood is it’s the flexibility to the smart creativity. From natural texture like birch, oak, veneer to a modern taste like HPL laminate, 2-Pac lacquer, aluminium and linoleum layers, plywood just blending with them so perfectly. 

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