Minimalist, Modern & Scandinavian Plywood Kitchen

The future of manufacturing must be sustainable and that great design should never come at a cost to the environment. We have developed our unique cabinet system, an inventive combination of the latest CNC technology and integrated handleless finger pull to our plywood cabinets.

Tailored Plywood Kitchens

The unique and honest design look of plywood kitchens. The minimalist style, beautifully exposed layers and modern quality make the design a popular choice. The beauty of a natural look, with the right doors and drawer fronts, the kitchen design can be transformed into a Nordic or Scandinavian design. 

We make our plywood kitchens with a variety of decorations: birch, oak and walnut. Creative colour design is also available using Formica, Abet, Forbo Linoleum and HPL laminate. 

Bespoke Plywood Kitchen

We custom make a high quality of contemporary Nordic and IKEA style plywood interiors here with the coolly minimal and sleek design, smooth and simple.

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Replacement kitchen Doors

If replacing a whole kitchen is too expensive, but you still want the Nordic plywood design, sure we can help you to replace the kitchen doors and transform it into what you want. We CNC cut all our plywood doors precisely and finish each piece by hand. 

Plywood Door Styles

The style of door will determine a kitchen’s style. We have a large range of plywood door styles, both handleless or integrated handles for all kitchens from contemporary to classic. Selecting the right door style can be seen as a starting point, so every door we design and make is completely bespoke. We have developed J pull style, 45-degree finger pull, and variety of recessed style to suit your Scandinavian taste. 

PLY 34

Plywood Kitchen Ideas

You might have seen some contemporary plywood kitchen design that you love on Google, Pinterest or Instagram with cool design features, we could make it work here in Auckland for you. We have a large selection of plywood door styles, as well as different joinery method to make your design practically work. 

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