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A minimalist way of living: sustainable, unique, honest, durable, creative and simple. 


Unlike the regular MDF kitchens, plywood kitchens are much more unique and far superior options that speak for themselves. At Naffy, we use a wide variety of different plywood products, such as birch, oak, HPL, and linoleum that ensure our plywood kitchen looks as contemporary as they come. Each variant adds personality and does a stellar job at tying the room together so that everything looks perfectly in place. Additionally, by tweaking the material, colour, and overall construction, a personalized plywood kitchen is designed and made to stun anyone who walks into your space.





Plywood Kitchen Styles

Want your kitchen to be just as stylistic as the one shined under a spotlight? When it comes to the modern kitchen within fast-paced production units, certain features and details are often discarded compared to old school varieties. To find the perfect solution, we have dedicated ample time to figure out what goes into making exceptional kitchen designs, such as vivid colour schemes, complementary materials and innovative manufacturing methods.

Traditional Plywood Kitchen:

Cabinet boxes are manufactured from birch or poplar and finished with a wood veneer such as oak or walnut make for a fashionable sight. The cabinet box and doors are incorporated to create a solid body. Upon closer look, we also reveal the parts’ inner works – the hardware that makes the cabinets fully functional.

Scandi Plywood Kitchen:

Relative to a traditional plywood kitchen, the sub-variety made of Scandi is considerably distinct. Apart from what meets the eye, a duo of essential criteria needs to be maintained. First, a specific drawer height to integrate the CNC router within the material itself. Also, the handle profiles size and location need to be tuned at higher drawer fronts.

It becomes easy to get the best of both worlds, meaning that the cabinet boxes are made with budget-friendly MDF or carcass-grade plywood. Nevertheless, neither of these are as good as the solid birch used for the door and drawer fronts. Eventually, this allows zero compromises on quality and design.

Modern Plywood Kitchen:

Modern plywood kitchens are often very simplistic and come without any unnecessary additions to style. When the cabinet boxes rebated to allow supportive rails across the kitchen, the effort creates a sleek and seamless design. Additionally, easy door opening functionalities are also enabled by cutting the top and routing it with a unique profile.

Plywood Kitchen Details

Every exposed plywood door and drawer, we will sand and apply a few coats of Hard Wax Oil. The  natural waxes and oils provides a non-toxic, tough, and moisture resistant barrier to protect the lovely plywood. 

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