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What's the cost of a plywood kitchen?

All our kitchen units, plywood fronts, and handle profiles are all custom made for personal requirements. At Naffy we don’t use standard-sized or modular units like most kitchen companies, so we don’t have a price list for our products. We work out the cost for each job, by putting many things together such as material types, hardware, grain matching for drawer sets, color of oil, ergonomics, and CNC programming.

If you have a sketched plan/idea, or exported kitchen planner PDF of your project, please send it through to office@naffy.co.nz 

In your email, it will be very helpful to provide us short message along with some basic dimensions and styles of the project/space, preferably with photos and sketches. These will give us enough information for calculating the ballpark figure of what the project may cost you. 

Our Process


Visit Us & estimate

Having a short visit in our workshop to get a feel of plywood material is very helpful to determine the right elements to your kitchen and the space. It is recommended to bring a sketch or architect's floor plan with measurements and the photos of the space. From there, we will talk about the option such as kitchen systems, kitchen styles, handle profiles, and colors. This is the initial step of getting an idea of what you want and your requirements to the kitchen design. Based on this information, we will email you a 2D plan of the kitchen design with an estimate. We aim to have this to you in two to three weeks.


Site Visit & Quotation

We will invoice you 10% of the initial estimate before we start the kitchen design. This is refundable before we commencing the site visit and the kitchen design development. This stage, we will arrange to carry out a home visit to get the right measurement, plus get a feel of the space such as color, huge and lighting source. We will develop the kitchen design and a final quote for you to check and sign off. Once the final design and the quote is confirmed, a 40% of kitchen quote will be required before production.



When the sales agreement / design is signed and the deposit is made, it is time for us to make the plywood kitchen a reality. We'll schedule your job in for production to begin and inform you the production lead time.


Viewing the kitchen

At this stage, additional visit to our workshop might happen when all units are fully assembled and set up in our workshop. During the this process, you can see your kitchen design coming to life as it is created, and be assured everything will fit perfectly into space. At this stage, we will email you an invoice for 40% of the quote before we deliver the kitchen.



We will talk to you for making sure if any necessary plumbing and electrical adjustments or installations will be carried out to a timeline that suits. Whether you’re using our fitters, or you’ve selected your own, we will be on hand to help.

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