Shaker Doors
Shaker style doors work with pretty much any style of home. They’re classed as a traditional style, however, they can also be used successfully in a contemporary setting.
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Shaker Kitchen Ideas

Shaker Doors For Cabinets

Shaker doors are not only perfect for kitchens, and are also an ideal solution for IKEA wardrobes, bathroom vanities, TV pull-down cabinet and more. Their simple panelling and clean lines can create a classic look that speaks to cleanliness, simplicity and order. The minimalist style naturally lends itself to customization, meaning your shaker doors can be designed in a way that perfectly complements your interior projects.

Types of shaker doors

Today's shaker door has come a long way from the original handmade timber material. Most shaker doors today are now made from moisture resistant E0 grade MDF panel, and the profile routed in. The door can be vinyl wrapped and painted to suit individual needs. Shaker doors are incredibly versatile, so they give you plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing colours and accessories. If your kitchen is spacious, you may consider Shaker doors in a strong colour like Dark Grey or Matt Graphite. If the room is on the cosy side, white or cream doors will add light and brighten up space.​

unfinished shaker door

Paintable Shaker Doors & Drawers

Unfinished 18mm MRE0 Shaker Doors | Best DIY Option.

Let’s get creative for a DIY project. Paintable kitchen doors in a wide range of colours and pick your best one. Our range of paintable kitchen doors is unfinished, simply ready for you to hand paint or spray paint in a colour of your choice. From classic shaker kitchen doors to contemporary handleless kitchen doors to paint, there is a style to suit your taste and the colour is up to you. All you need to do is get creative, choose any colour you like to suit our paintable cabinet doors and drawers.

Lacquered Shaker Doors

Thicker & Harder Finish

Lacquered paint is also known as 2 Pac, it is a painting mixture solution encompassed a tin of paint and a tin of hardener to form a two-part solution.
Also, the finish is of the same quality as standard automotive paint.
When 2 Pac was applied on kitchen doors, the surface incorporates a gleaming finish just like you find on a freshly polished car.
2 Pac lacquered finish forms a tougher and harder layer to keep out of moisture. Also, it’s easier to clean and longer-lasting than normal hand paint. Unlike the melamine finish, lacquered shaker doors have a large range of colours available for individual taste.

Thermofoil Shaker Doors

Ultra Durable, For Wood-grain and Oak Lover

Thermofoil doors are made using a flexible vinyl material that is applied by heating the vinyl and moulding it over medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The smooth surface resists chipping better than painted or 2-Pac lacquered surfaces.
Similar to the finish of lacquered doors, thermofoil doors have few finishes available, matt, gloss and high gloss.
Also, thermofoil shaker doors allow you to choose grain patter, like oak or wood pattern. This is not achievable on lacquered doors.

How Much Will My Shaker Doors Cost?

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& Traditional


Shaker doors have been around for a long time. They’re enduring and even more popular now than they’ve ever been. Especially now that we’re increasingly influenced by international styles via the internet and social media. Shaker doors work with any cabinetry products from a small vanity to large modern kitchens.

One Piece Shaker Doors

If you are a DIYer and would like to paint your shaker doors, we can CNC cut them for your project. You can paint your favourite decor colour on the doors. We use NZ made premium moisture resistant E0 18mm raw MDF to cut the doors. Also, we provide hinge hole drilling and quick sanding service at NO extra cost to make your job easier. 

Stile/Rail size (D in the picture): 57 mm – 75 mm

Material option: MDF Raw back or White Back

Minimum shaker panel size: 150 x 150 mm

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