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Shaker Style Kitchen: Modern & Classic

Bespoke Kitchens

shaker kitchen

The shaker style kitchen has become popular all over the world, also in New Zealand. The shaker kitchen is also considered as English country kitchen because the attractive British impression and timeless elegance in their furniture . 

Shaker kitchen is designed for those who love the look of classic country kitchen. The simplicity and stylish details always give you modern feeling. 

At Naffy you will find a huge color selection with attractive handles and worktops that build the classic look of the country kitchen. 

Shaker Cabinet

Shaker style cabinet can be designed in various forms and used to different cabinetry products. 

The cabinet it self doesn’t need to be white for all the time. Sometimes with 2 tones mixture will make the design looks brilliant and cozy. 

Our shaker cabinets are available in a large range of colors. Also we can make them work for your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom wardrobes. The classic shaker style kitchens bring a twist on the traditional, combining modern practicality with timeless elegance.

Shaker cabinet
modern shaker

Modern Shaker Kitchen

When a modern trend hits classic shaker, it brings the new form of modern shaker design. If you love the minimalist view of shaker, the handleless style will be the perfect range for creating the unique look of the kitchen. 

It doesn’t matter what type of handleless systems, either extrusion or integrated, we will make it practically work for you. 

Colourful Shaker kitchens

Dark, bright, pastel, matt or soft hues, the colorful Shaker style kitchen fits your personal taste. 

Grey Shaker Kitchens

Whether it is darker grey or a light grey, add warmth with brilliant worktops, upstands and flooring. Create a welcoming ambiance for cooking and entertaining with subtle lighting in your Grey kitchen.

grey shaker

White Shaker Kitchens

Beautiful modern white Shaker kitchens like offers a blank canvas for expressing your design style. A modern or sleek classic Shaker style can be design with dark wooden worktops and open shelving.

Green Shaker Kitchens

Color for shaker kitchen does not have to be bold and bright to create a striking kitchen. A softer, pastel hues like this duck egg Shaker color will  blend the neutral tones and materials to create a calming space. 

grey shaker

Blue Shaker Kitchens

Whether you go for baby blue shades or on-trend denim, enhance your blue Shaker kitchen with complementary pinks, greys and whites. With the right blue color, you can create a high quality Scandinavian Classic for your kitchen style. 



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