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Shaker Style Kitchen: Modern & Classic

Bespoke Kitchens

If you’re looking for a stylish yet functional kitchen design, then Shaker kitchens are the way to go! These kitchens rock a timeless look, with their simple and clean lines, uncluttered vibes, and practical storage solutions. Shaker cabinets are super versatile and can be painted in any color you like, so you can totally make it your own. Plus, they’re perfect for mixing and matching with modern hardware and appliances. So, if you’re all about that cozy, welcoming, and easy-to-maintain kitchen space, a Shaker-style kitchen is a total winner!

Contemporary Nordic & Scandi Plywood Interiors 

Shaker Kitchen

The Shaker kitchen, often associated with English country house style, showcases striking and timeless elegance in its design. Its appeal reflects a blend of Scandinavian character and architectural aesthetics, making it a perfect choice for those who adore modern interior looks. Offering functionality and simplicity, Shaker kitchens come in various finishes, from framed and painted solid timber to matte effect MDF. These classic Shaker-style kitchens put a contemporary spin on tradition, effortlessly merging modern practicality with ageless sophistication.

Popular Shaker Kitchen Tones

Dark, bright, pastel, matt or soft hues, the colorful Shaker style kitchen fits your personal taste. 

Grey Shaker Kitchens

Whether you prefer a darker or lighter shade of grey, enhance the warmth of your kitchen with stunning worktops, upstands, and flooring. Establish a welcoming atmosphere for cooking and entertaining by incorporating subtle lighting into your grey Shaker kitchen design.

White Shaker Kitchens

Elegant modern white Shaker kitchens provide a versatile blank canvas for showcasing your unique design style. Whether you prefer a modern or classic Shaker look, enhance the design with dark wooden worktops and open shelving to create a sleek and inviting space.

Sage Green Shaker Kitchens

A Shaker kitchen color doesn’t need to be bold and bright to make a statement. Opting for softer, pastel hues like duck egg blue or sage green can seamlessly blend with neutral tones and materials, creating a serene and calming space for your kitchen.

Blue Shaker Kitchens

Opt for soft baby blue hues or on-trend denim shades to create a stunning blue Shaker kitchen. Complement your design with harmonious accents of pink, grey, and white for a well-balanced color palette. By selecting the perfect shade of blue, you can achieve a high-quality Scandinavian Classic aesthetic for your kitchen style.

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