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Shelving Solutions

Shelves for Better & Efficient Storage

Shelving Units - Made To Measure

Shelves are more than a simple cube cupboard, they are also storage space organizer. With Naffy’s 3D CAD system, every kind of shelf can be planned to measure. Regardless of whether it is a multi tiers or cube shelves, storage shelf, sloped ceiling cupboard,  bookshelves, pantry shelving, corner shelves, storage shelves, bathroom shelves, kitchen shelves or tall shelf units. 

We help you configure the right size, color, material, hardware, and styles. Shelving units also can be supplied with flaps, sliding doors, folding doors or all types of drawers, that give you space in the wardrobe and closet. 

You can design your own shelving cabinets like bookshelves, sideboard, credenza, and other shelving units, and we manufacture them for you in Auckland. 

We pay attention the every piece of work so we guarantee the quality for 5 years. 

We gladly help you with any questions about your sketch or design.

shelving units

Shelving Units Solutions

cube shelf unit

We have flexibility to design and make cube units with adjustable or fixed shelves for your storage. Combining with different colors and materials for you personal needs. This type of shelf unit can be used as book shelf or toy storage in the bedroom. 

Besides, cube shelves unit can be customized with multi tiers to fit your storage requirements. 

Corner Shelving

Corner shelving is a good solution for kitchen or bedroom space. This cabinet model can be designed and transformed to corner walk in pantry (kitchen shelving), walk in closet shelving, or tall storage shelving. When hanging rail installed in the cabinet, the bedroom corner space is efficiently used. 

Metal shelving

Metal shelving is a great solution for kitchen over head space. It creates a minimal design in the kitchen area as well give extra decorative space to small items. 

Other Shelving Solutions

3D Design

We use latest 3D CAD for planning custom furniture, shelves and cabinets with millimeter accuracy.

NZ Local Made

We use local material and international reliable brands to customize your job locally.

Flexible Shape

We are flexible to any shapes to fit your corners. We can customize the shapes for wardrobe, display units or pantries.


Here is a quick look for what we can offer to make your shelving units functional. The shelving units can be transformed to functional storage space withe these features. 

Hidden runners

Hidden Runners

push to open door

Push-to-open Doors

Flap door

Flap Door

inner drawer

Inner Drawers

metal shelf support

Metal Shelf Support

cloth pull down

Cloth Pull-down

Clothes Hanging Rail

Flap Door Type 2

Glass Shelf

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