Cabinet Specs

Here, you will find detailed information about the features of our kitchen cabinets. Learn about the materials and construction methods, understand the cabinet dimensions, and explore the aspects we thoughtfully select to achieve the balance between style and practicality. Discover for yourself how these elements combine to create a kitchen that truly reflects your unique personality.

Kitchen Fronts

Explore options beyond the usual melamine, acrylic, or thermofoil by choosing our exceptional birch plywood doors. These doors are not only strong and water-resistant but also sustainably sourced, making them an excellent choice for creative and durable kitchen designs.

Material & construction

Our kitchen cabinets are crafted from robust 16mm MDF, locally sourced from New Zealand. Traditional screw construction is used to ensure exceptional strength and longevity. Both base cabinets and wall cupboards feature solid 16mm MDF, while most tall units incorporate a lighter 9mm MDF back, reducing weight without compromising sturdiness or quality.

Kitchen Dimension Overview

Our kitchen cabinet dimensions are thoughtfully determined with a keen eye on several key factors. These include the need for a sleek, uncluttered kitchen grid design, space requirements for integrated appliances, and the consideration of non-plumb onsite walls. This careful planning ensures harmonious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen layouts.

Cabinet Dimensions

An overview of our kitchen systems: PLY ONE, PLY ONE+, and PLY HDL. The designs of PLY ONE+ and PLY HDL have been intentionally crafted, with horizontal elements that seamlessly enhance their unique aesthetic,


We prioritize functionality and quality by choosing trusted brands for our drawer systems and hinges. Brands like Blum, Tandembox, and Merivobox are known for their durability and smooth operation, ensuring top-notch performance for our kitchen cabinets.

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