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Next Cabinetry Fitted For You


Naffy believes the right tailored cabinetry fittings like kitchen, wardrobe and bathroom vanity should be designed to fit you, rather than to let individual to fit cabinetry. Our concept is pretty much similar as custom tailored suits, we always consider your individual requirement first. 

Naffy is short for Next cabinetry Fitted For You. 

We design domestic interior and living spaces which are architecturally thought-through, and provide a practically solution for your modern living. 

What we can help?

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The ultimate transformation of a kitchen design is its aesthetics and ergonomics. 

Aesthetics can make your kitchen look modern, timeless and streamlined, it gives you so much pleasure with right exterior tuning with colors, textures and materials.  

Kitchen ergonomics means minimize back bending, reduce body stress, and ensure you move comfortably in kitchen working area.

Handle or handle-less kitchens?

Our wide range kitchen systems ( from 715 mm to 800 mm carcass) provide flexibility to customize your design hacks and fit your personal requirements. 



Your dream bathroom design inspires and touches you emotionally. The finished material effect to detail, we contribute to refine the design to make it sleek, unique and functional to you.

Home office

The home office is the perfect place for study and work. The ultimate goal for this personal corner is to create a pleasant atmosphere for fruitful work. 

We can help to build your work stations, desks, sliding units, bi-fold door units and so forth. 

wardrobe design



Simplicity is the essential of modern bedroom design, this personal space is for rest and relaxation after the eventful day. 

So, we can help to build your closet, bedsides and wardrobe systems, and make them to be the right ingredients for your cozy bedroom. 

Laundry & Garage

We an help you free up more storage space with smart shelving and cabinetry, and make a clutter free space for your everyday use. 

It may be time to invest in a durable, custom made storage solution from Naffy. 

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