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Efficient Wardrobe Design, Dress Without Stress. [2019]

There are many designs and elements for wardrobes: some prefer sliding doors or folding doors, others like revolving doors, and others want a pocket door wardrobe. It doesn’t matter you need a large or a small wardrobe, a door with or without mirrors or even a custom-made corner wardrobe, what you need to consider is the right wardrobe system.

wardrobe idea

The wardrobe is a planned space for storing clothing, and it is the second most used furniture of a house. 

The clothes are either laid flat and hung on hangers. 

The functional and effective wardrobe offers a suitable place for every kind of clothing. They must have an effective storage space, large or small, as well as aesthetically fit into the furnished bedroom. 

That’s how wardrobe organization can help you to reduce stress

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We will assist you on your wardrobe design from the begging to reality. 

Wardrobe systems and organiser

The purpose of wardrobe systems and organiser are to efficiently organize personal items like outfits, jewellery, handbags, shoes, etc. Wardrobe systems and organiser can be varied in different forms to fit the purpose. Wardrobe can be designed and manufactured with extensive and functional interior, such as clothes lifts, drawer pull outs, and quality LED lighting elements.  

Now, I am going to break it down show you different types of wardrobe systems and organiser for your design ideas.

white wardrobe

1.Wardrobe shelving system

Open shelving and handing wardrobe system can make it easier to see clothes, bags, and shoes. 

You don’t have to guess what you have or where the item is stored when you want it. 

This system can be used in walk in wardrobe, a flat opening interior space or wardrobe organizer without physical door(s).

open shelf wardrobe

2.Wardrobe systems by different type of doors

The functionality of the wardrobe can be significantly increased by a clever door solution.

There are various wardrobe door options that can be crafted, either with melamine, veneer, solid wood finish, or with different patterns.

2.1 Free standing wardrobe with hinged doors

Hinged doors are very common can be seen easily on free standing wardrobes.

wardrobe door
image: Pezcame

Wardrobe with hinged doors maximum access to the space as the doors are fully opened compare to sliding door solution. 

They are easy to maintain and clean and can be made to open at any angle.

2.2 Sliding door system

Sliding door wardrobe use a track mechanism to move the doors horizontally. They add a modern feel to wardrobe design, or achieve a contemporary style for bedroom. Sometims, adding a sliding door system can be very expensive as the mechanism require lots of CNC programming work.

Generally, there are three types of sliding door systems:

1.   Top and bottom track system. This system is not incorporated into wardrobe cabinetry, rather, they are mounted or integrated on interior wall.

sliding door wardrobe
image:Amberyin Decors

2.   Inline sliding door system is incorporated to wardrobe cabinet, doors are flush with each other when closed, but they are positioned one in fort of the other when open.

sliding door wardrobe

This system has requirement on wardrobe door size and toe kick height. It creates an elegant design for bedroom, and the doors can be fitted with one or two only. The system requires a large space for wardrobe. Here is the overview of inline system.

sliding inline system

3.  Overlay sliding door system is incorporated in cabinet, with one to four doors that can be added to. This system offers more varieties to doors than inline doors. It works very similar to inline sliding door system, the only difference is the door are overlapping when doors are open.

sliding door wardrobe

Here are the options of door quantity for overlay sliding systems.  


2.3 Folding door wardrobe

Folding door system is a very functional and pragmatic solution. If you are a DIYer, you might love this solution as the installation is a lot easier compare to inline or overlay sliding door solution.

folding door warwdrobe

Folding door system optimally utilize wardrobe space in the bedroom, because the doors are folded when you open them. You can open both space if you have two set of bifold doors. It’s a good and incredibly efficient space saving solution for smaller bedroom; and for unusual layout, for example right next to the wall or corner wall.

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